Monday, January 30, 2012

Collaborative Doodlings

Here is something that I collaborated with my friend, Adam V a while ago for the project we are in together called Mama's Joy. Adam also plays amazing guitars for the band, Seasons who are having the residency on Monday nights at The Echo as well as working on his solo projects and other collaborations.

These ones below are something that I did with Alex Chiu through the mail a bit while ago. Alex is an amazing artist and doodler and was responsible for the giant installation at the Fmlyfest at Chuccos last month.

Alex will be having a showing soon at The Flock Shop in Chinatown. It will be the same day for the opening of my shART show at Homeroom. Thankfully, both places are just a few minutes away from each other so you can go to both. Oh yeah! YOU SHOULD!

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