Monday, October 10, 2011

The Black Plague Will Swallow Us All @ Pehrspace

i got the chance to help out ghost ghost teeth transform your friendly neighborhood Monday hang-out last week for the show that opened this weekend entitled "The Black Plague Will Swallow Us All". It was lots of fun painting the walls of Pehrspace with Simon Tran (GGT) and i gotta admit that i totally got carried away by the theme.

Anyways, I have two pieces on this show thats gonna be up for the whole month of October and I'm putting em up for a hundred bucks in case somebody wants something in their lives to absorb all the negative energy thats around them. And if you really want to have it and don't have the money, I dare you to steal it!

Pictures would probably convey a better idea of what happened, so here ya go.

(pictures courtesy of Simon Tran)

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