Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Downtown Art Show

Last Friday I took part of this art show in downtown LA and "showed some of my works". I only had three pieces in the show but i stuck several of my big drawings that i drew on these roll paper wrappers that i get from my work on the leats likely places people expect to find some kind of art. I had it all over the place, being visible but not calling too much attention, just enough to be noticed by the people who were paying attention. You see art shows tend to be an occasion of visual sensory overload, you see all kinds of shit and people and it can be too overwhelming so i thought, why don't put some of my stuff all around and see if it really makes any diference if the art is showcased in gallery wall or just a regular wall. Does that make it any less art? It was just a spur of the moment idea that i decided to execute (Thanx to girl named Lizzy for all the help putting tape on 'em) Anyways, later on that night, people just somehow started taking 'em down to keep and so i just decided to give those away to people. It was good to know at least on my part, that people wanted to keep it and have it. That alone means much more to me than having my art shown though it was truly a great show with a good turnout, i still feel weird about having my stuff be part of "art shows" but any chance to have people see it is fine i guess. I just finished the new "Smile Hard" and had some copies at the show and now i'm currently working on new comix and some drawings for a music video. I've also talked to the guy at Hi De Ho Comics in Santa Monica about having some of my stuff on collateral and they seem to be open for my kind of stuff so I'm hoping to make several copies this week to be available there for a dollar or two. Anyways, Here's some images from the show.

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