Friday, January 30, 2009

Kill All Artists: The Word On All Of This.

Hello! Welcome! The point is simple. I wanted to have a blog where i don't have to use words as much. Instead i'd like to let my drawings and comix do the talking. A lot of what you will find here is an archive of old random comix and drawings that have helped me go through many crazy times. While getting rid of stuff for donation, I found a box full of them from different times in my past. Some part of me wanted to get rid of it because it was all just taking up space and I Didn't really think much of it but another part of me decided to share it here. A lot of the stuff here were made without any outlines or initial penciling, sometimes I just go at it and draw away. Sometimes I make up the plot as I am going along which is fun for me but not for the people reading. The drawback to this is that theres a lot of stories that go nowhere and remain unresolved and unfinished ( I used to have a knack for doing this). Just keep in mind that these were from a different time in my life so as you will see, some of it will be too negative or just pointless yet, I still went and did it anyway. This is me coming into terms with my past -my approach in creating comix and drawing. If you want to see and know what I'm doing now, please go visit here. Feel free to download or repost any of the comix and if its not too much, drop a comment to say whats up. Enjoy! -Champoy

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