Friday, March 30, 2012

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Here's a little excerpt from a comics that I did based on a Zen story that I really liked.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Doodle Collabs with JT Steiny and Alex Chiu

Last week, I was glad to finally be able to hang, discuss, eat, booch and collaborate with Alex and JT. And these drawings are the product of that doodle jam. (We also did an actual musical jam with Alex 's wife, A'misa, our friends Bianca, Kat and my sunshine, Rhea.) 

We will all be part of this show at The Hive on May which I am stoked about because it also has other rad doodler/artists whose works i like and admire like Adam Roth, Keenan Keller, Jose Angeles, Michael Hsiung, Andy Ristaino and many more.... 

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

More Booch Please!

So I screenprinted more covers for Booch today! I originally planned to make a hundred copies of these but have only done 40 so far so Im currently doing the rest for the Shelf Life Expo @ USC and perhaps to take to some comic shops and bookstores around LA.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Jimmy Cliff for LA Record

Shelf Life 2 @ USC

Some four years ago, Rhea and I went to the first Shelf Life at USC where we met V.Vale (Search And Destroy, Re/Search)  and Bruce Caen/Kalberg (No Mag, Sub-Hollywood) and was able to witness the awesome panel discussion they had with some other self-publishing luminaries. This time around, they are doing it again and they have one of my favorite artists, Gary Panter as a speaker as well as Byron Coley, whose articles with Thurston Moore in Arthur I really dug a lot! And I am glad to take part of this awesome celebration this time around not just as a spectator coz I'm gonna have a booth of my latest comix releases as well as the new Post-Care and some other prints. So make sure to save the date and come down to USC during this event, come to my booth, say hello, give me naked pix or even just a smile will do!

Sunday, March 4, 2012


I have been experimenting doing some prints with multiple screens. So far so good.


Here are the comix that i did about the LA Zine Fest! I made one for each day leading into it!

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

What's New Pussy Cat?

Been so inspired after the LA Zine Fest. It was amazing meeting all the rad artists and zinesters that help made it happen. So one thing that I've been really inspired to work on is storytelling. I drew this the other day for my work desk area as a reminder of the things we gain when we lose something or the things we lose when we gain something. Either/Or.

Saturday, February 18, 2012


Need I say more about the upcoming LA Zine Fest? If you don't know about it already, then you must not be worthy of it! Anyways, Post-Care will have a table there with the third edition and I have a new comix called "BOOCH" aand a new "VISUAL VOMIT". Check HERE for more info, slowpoke!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

i will be reading Discoral USA here on Friday

The 2012 L.A. Zine Fest Comix & Zine Reading:
Saturday Feb. 18th
show starts at 9pm
A curated collection of artists involved in the L.A. Zine Fest perform or display their works for a live audience!
A mad blast of Comix, Zines, Video, and Performance brought to you by the creators themselves!!!!!
We’ve got a talking Zebra w/a Battleaxe for a tail, Bed Bug infestations, a breakdown of the classic piece of shit/E.T. rip-off movie Mac & Me, excepts from the neu-classic Henry & Glen Forever, a day-glo story of a steroids dealer shot into space, Garfield psychedelia, awkward conversations overheard, and so much more!!
Kick off the beginning of the L.A. Zine Fest w/us and see some of the best in comix and zines blow your mind!
Champoy - Discoral USA
Mari Naomi – Sleep Deprived
Jed McGowan – Work and Play
Shalo P – Cosmic Bummer Funnies
Malachi Ward – Sweet Dreams & Top Ten
I Love Bad Movies (Presented by Matt Carman, Co-Editor) -
“A Pseudo-Scholarly Analysis of the E.T. rip-off Mac and Me”
Chris Graybill (ZFA Works)- Zebratron’s Popular Operators (video)
Yumi Sakugawa – Mundane Fortunes For The Next Ten Billion Years
Keenan Marshall Keller – Galactic Breakdown #1 + Minimum Rage
Bianca Barragan – It’s Because Of My Penis, Isn’t It?
Gabrielle Gamboa – Miss Lonelyhearts
Igloo Tornado – Henry & Glen Forever
Levon Jihanian – Danger Country
Robin Enrico – Life of Vice
Jen Tong - rainbow & I
Tom Neely – Garfield
Saturday Feb. 18th
8pm (show starts at 9pm)
3121 Beverly Blvd
L.A. Zine Fest
Sunday Feb 19th
upstairs from THE LAST BOOKSTORE
453 S. Spring St., 90013

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Cryptic ShARTz & Comix Jam Pix

Thanks to everyone that came to the Cryptic ShARTz show and COmix Jam and to the ones that participated and took part of the experience! It was so much fun being able to do this kinds of events and activities! Much respect and Big Ups to Walt and SHaddy of Homeroom and to DJ Maimes and Cameron Rath for the music and to Y'All for the Jams! Now, theres only a few more days before the LA Zine Fest Im excited to finish the third installment of the Post-Care Comix Zine I'm putting together and some other titles as well. Anyhow, heres some pics taken by Meredith Wallace and Walt n Shaddy

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Cryptic ShARTs @ Homeroom This Saturday FEBRUARY 11

In celebration of  LA Zine Week and in preparation for the upcoming LA Zine Fest, I  will be having a shART show at Homeroom with some old and new stuff. There will also be a Comix Jam which is open to everyone of any drawing skill level. There is also an Interactive Augmented Reality Comix that i collaborated with my friend, Denise Duncan. And theres stuff you can buy if you wanna help me pay for bills. Come bring yr friends.
DJ Maimes and Cameron Rath of FMLY will be playing some tunes to inspire yr creativity!

Alex Chiu, whom I've done some drawing collabs with and one of the rad artists who made the LA Zine Fest posters is also having an opening on the same date at The Flock Shop in Chinatown, so make sure to check that out too! 

Monday, January 30, 2012

Collaborative Doodlings

Here is something that I collaborated with my friend, Adam V a while ago for the project we are in together called Mama's Joy. Adam also plays amazing guitars for the band, Seasons who are having the residency on Monday nights at The Echo as well as working on his solo projects and other collaborations.

These ones below are something that I did with Alex Chiu through the mail a bit while ago. Alex is an amazing artist and doodler and was responsible for the giant installation at the Fmlyfest at Chuccos last month.

Alex will be having a showing soon at The Flock Shop in Chinatown. It will be the same day for the opening of my shART show at Homeroom. Thankfully, both places are just a few minutes away from each other so you can go to both. Oh yeah! YOU SHOULD!

Friday, January 20, 2012


So the Kill Kill Kill /Acid Maso Temple Split CD that i did art for is finally out.
Sadly, it is only available in Japan and you can order it from HERE.

Friday, January 6, 2012

LA Zine Fest Is Cumming!

The LA Zinefest is getting closer everyday and they are doing features on the different zinesters that will be vendoring(?) at the event. Yesterdays post happens to be mwah! Read it HERE!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Origins Of Grinding Tape Release FLYER

Heres the flyer I made for the magick ((())) orchids tape release at Homeroom brough to you by KSPC's The Garden Hour featuring DJ Maimes. Other amazing acts playing the show are Walter Gross, Gothic Cholo and Elbow Patches -all brothers from another mothers. January 12th -Save The Date!

Lets Drown This World In Art

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Interactive Drawing Box

So here are some low res pix of this interactive drawing box that I created in collaboration with the amazing talents of Adam Roth and JT Steiny.

It's going to make its first ever appearance at Chucos Justice Center in Inglewood for this year's FMLYFEST.

People can draw on the scroll canvas on both sides and then scroll it when the area is thinking of developing this further by incorporating some video and perhaps some augmented reality stuff on it in the future.

So, come to the FMLYFEST and check out all the amazing bands and art and make sure you contribute to the Interactive Drawing Box!

The picture is not the thing, because the thing is something you gotta see in person to interact with!